2017 Breckenridge Road Marathon Photos and Results

Wow! WHAT AND AWESOME DAY! The snow at the start line turned into a beautiful blue skied, picturesque Colorado Day. The 2017 Breckenridge Road Marathon was a wonderful event.  The 2017 Results are in, you are all super radical! Overall By Division & Age Group Results

Thank you to all the runners, volunteers, and crew for making this event a complete success. Maverick Sports had the timing dialed in. Downstairs at Eric's provided delicious pizza that was just the perfect food for post race meal! To the volunteers and community members who worked so hard, you made this possible. WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY! THANK YOU! And, runners, way to be total bad a**es and crush it out there.

Enjoy the free photos. It was a total pleasure to take photos of you all being awesome!

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